What Defines A Hipster?

London hipsterHipsters have been gaining a lot of pop culture recognition in recent years. There are many ways to define a Hipster, as the stereotype can be very broad. This comprehensive guide to becoming or spotting a Hipster will show you the in’s and out’s of being a Hipster. Grab your fixie, put on your favorite record and button your cardigan. Things are about to get real – real underground.

A Brief Anatomy of a Hipster – All information was gathered from old books in our favorite coffee shops

Hipster often refers to a young, newly settled middle-class citizen who takes interest in vintage objects and culture as well as underground movements and things such as gay rights activism. Hipsters often have a distinct grungy, mangy look about them. They can often be associated with indie music, unkempt (facial and body) hair, thick framed “Wayfarer” style glasses, shoulder / messenger bags, riding fixed speed bicycles (fixies), collecting vintage films and clothing, listening to 8-tracks, reading and collecting really old books and novels that are most commonly unheard of and not truly notable.

Of course, there are many ways to define a Hipster and many niche’s that fit the stereotype. The ones listed previously are just some of the most common. Hipsters are usually very against mainstream media, this usually results in them taking up activities out of the ‘norm’.

Hipster Fashion and Furniture – Take styles from the past and make them look even worse

Hipsters really have no dress code, but they are usually found wearing old, rugged clothing or else vintage clothing that is still in tact, yet significantly lacking in taste.

Hipsters can find clothing from a number of shops and retailers both in the real world and online. Popular companies and sites among Hipsters are those such as Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, H&M, sometimes even Forever 21, and lots and lots of consignment and thrift shops as well as vintage clothing stores. Garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, and flea markets are also viable options for obtaining Hipster apparel or furniture.

Hipsters often admire antique furniture and just love to furnish their urban studio apartments with it. Gaudy wallpapers and tiles are often used to adorn the walls. Old chests, bookcases, wardrobes, shelves, coffee tables, sofas and bed frames can also be used to furnish their homes. Record players, old fashioned Maytag appliances and rustic pots and pans can be found around the typical Hipster abode.

Any true Hipster also has a place to keep their fixie inside as well. It is important that the fixie contrasts with the walls, so therefore a brick interior is often sought after, since the smooth metal contrasts with the brick. This is important when taking pictures with your Holga camera.

The Fixie – Simple, efficient, and totally not mainstream

8854432463_b77c208afb_bA rather popular icon of the Hipster subculture is the fixed speed bicycle or the fixie. A fixie is a bicycle that has only one speed, meaning it requires little maintenance and is very basic, no real hi-tech gadgets or gear settings to have to toy around with. This helps Hipsters stick to reading their boring indie books instead of the owner’s manual.

The fixie is one of the Hipsters main methods of transportation when it comes to getting around in urban areas. However, fixies aren’t the only way to get around, broken down 90’s Toyota Camry’s and city buses are still viable options.

As far as purchasing a fixie, forthcoming Hipsters may want to check out their local thrift shops. If all else fails, Urban Outfitters also has a bike shop that allows Hipsters to customize their very own fixies on their Macintosh computers right from the comfort of their own studio apartments.